Genre-Guides: ROMANCE

Hello friends!

It sure has been a while, but I’ve been doing a summer-course in a subject I need to university next year. BUT this year I’m going to study Japanse and take a “break-year”, so there’ll be plenty of time to write.


The Genre-Guides series:

Anyhow, I’m starting this new series of post called “Genre-Guides” where I’ll be posting some DOWNLOADABLE checklist-guides in the different literary genres. I decided to start making these, as I missed a simple, too-long-didn’t-read guide. Other than this, I personally am a big fan of checklists, as they make everything so much easier.



Romance has been a genre for centuries and was even used in the plays in ancient Greece. Romance then really blossomed in the 19th century, where most famous works in the Romance genre is written. Romance has since been a very “active” genre in literature, as many books in the genre are published every year.
However, many of the modern love stories actually belong to the genre Drama. Famous stories like The Fault in Our Stars or Twillight are both categorized as Drama, as the romance part is not the very obvious main problem.

The genre Romance has certain “criteria” and these are what this genre-guide will help you to understand. If you have any critique, I happily receive feedback on the mail:


– Lily


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